Melee Weapons

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Melee Weapons

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Melee Weapons
To many gun players, the melee weapon is a tool of speed. However, for gladiators, it is a far more special weapon - it's their defense, offense, and everything in between. No melee weapon in GunZ is the same. The amount of delay, the look, and the damage of the sword is all up to the user and how they wish to present themselves.

Daggers are the weakest yet fastest melee weapon. They cannot block and cannot perform glitches like swords and kodachis can within K-Style, thus they have their own style - Dagger Style. Generally, they are good for quickly trapping the enemy and confusing them, allowing gun shots to hit the opponent easier. Daggers, however, follow basic massive and sword mechanics. It is recommended to start with K-Style and proceed to D-Style, The dagger can perform a Strikethrough or Lunge to push the opponent to the floor.

Swords are the dominant weapon of choice when it comes to Melee Weapons. Balanced in terms of offense, speed, and defense, they are capable of Korean Style glitches. Swords generally slash a lot slower then Daggers, however make up for it in terms of offense. The ability to flip the opponent has been abused for long with moves like the Instakill(Juggle) and Instafall.

Kodachis are considered the "brothers" of the sword. They are basically two short swords. Kodachis are known to be heavier yet quicker then swords. They shell out more damage then daggers and near equivalent damage to the lowest level swords. Kodachis have a Ritual Flip, which makes them move while the flip motion is in effect. This makes it harder to abuse the flip but easier to land slashes once the opponent reaches the ground. Kodachis are used for players who can create good combos, thus leaning more towards gladiator who have a thorough understand of the melee mechanics in the game.


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